Rev6 is Maryland's most creative party band, as unique in personalities as they are in music. The group specializes in recreating modern Top 40 pop hits, adding their personal flair to songs through custom arrangements, mashups, and medleys. In so doing, Rev6 provides a distinctive yet familiar experience, breathing new life into songs audiences know and love.

Rev6 is committed, reliable, and professional. The band maintains a remarkably full sound by combining the talents of its musicians with state of the art technology. Sequenced tracks, samples, and effects help meet the demands of modern music and take every song to the next level.

Rev6 consists of experienced musicians who understand that every performance must cater to the needs of the event. The group focuses on providing danceable music with positive, family-friendly themes. They also welcome song requests and event-specific musical direction.


REV6 is:

Catie Fell

Lead Vocals/Guitar/Tambourine

Catie Fell is the lead vocalist of Rev 6. She brings over 10 years of performance experience to the group with a profound love of singing, which she supplements with guitar and tambourine. She has been known to fill-in for other local bands.

Today, Catie brings her own brand of energy to performances, making each show unique and engaging.

“I love this group’s commitment to staying current, pushing boundaries, and having fun. I’m thankful for every opportunity to perform and want to make the audience love music as much as I do!”
- Catie



DJ Vernon plays bass, piano, and sings a mixture of lead and background vocals for Rev6. DJ brings over fifteen years of musical experience to the group and his vocal versatility and proficiency with multiple instruments is a tremendous asset to every performance.

“I love this group’s approach to entertainment. We give the audience something they can sing along with, something they can dance to, but the custom arrangements also mean we offer something they won’t get anywhere else.”
- DJ

DJ’s musical career highlights include playing at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and opening for Bret Michaels at the House of Rock. More recently, he has performed with various local acts including Lauren D’Aria and Rumor.



Adam Potts plays rhythm guitar, bass, and sings both lead and background vocals for Rev6. His raspy voice, coupled with his exceptional rapping ability, opens up the Rev6 song catalog to material many bands can’t even attempt. Adam presents every song in a cool, emphatic manner that compels audiences to listen. He also excels at engaging with the crowd, always knowing the perfect thing to say to get them going.

Adam cites opening for Vanilla Ice at the Thunderdome as a highpoint in his performance history. He has also worked on various original projects with groups such as Splayde, Element Awesome, and Mob Foly.

“Every other band I have been in always had a weak link, but this band is like the all-star team. Everyone holds their own and we really work well together, feeding off each other’s strengths.”
- Adam



Mike Nager plays drums, piano, and sings backing vocals for Rev6. Like DJ, Mike brings over fifteen years of experience to the group. His technical proficiency and ability to play and sing simultaneously allow the band to execute impressive harmonies underpinned by a solid groove.

Mike has drummed with several successful local and regional acts, including 3STARKARMA and When Embers Ignite. His highlights include opening for Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, Veruca Salt, Red, and Emery.

“I like to think if we’re having fun, the crowd is going to have fun. And we always have fun!”
- Mike